FarmVille Haunted House: Everything you need to know

farmville haunted house everything you need to know --
farmville haunted house everything you need to know --

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After playing FarmVille for over a year -- one thing's certain. The holidays are the best time of the year in the game because there are a slew of holiday themed items, and at least one of them will have you saying "I Gotta have it!" For me, this year, that item is the new FarmVille Haunted House, which was released to a few farmers before it was disabled due to a glitch.

If you did get the Haunted House, you know that this is a buildable item and you will need to collect building materials to complete your spooky mansion, which you will be able to purchase for Farm Cash or collect from your FarmVille neighbors. (Quick side note -- this building has a large footprint (3.5 x 2), so you'll need to clear out eight plots to make it fit on your farm.)

farmville haunted house
farmville haunted house -
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The Haunted House can be leveled up three times -- Eerie, Frightening, Spine-Chilling -- and you will need bricks, nails and wooden boards for each stage. Here's what you need for each stage:

Stage 1 (Eerie): 8 bricks, nails, boards
Stage 2 (Frightening): 10 bricks, nails, boards
Stage 3 (Spine-Chilling): 12 bricks nails boards

If you do some quick match that means you'll need 30 of each item -- so you best get collection. Another tip -- you can also use those Special Delivery packages you may have stockpiled to help you get the job done faster.

Once the Haunted House is complete, you will be able to collect candy from it every 24 hours AND you will be able to collect candy from your neighbor's haunted houses every 24 hours as well. The amount of candy you loot will depend on the level of the house.

Eerie: 1 Candy
Frightening: 2 Candy
Spine-Chilling: 3 Candy

As of this writing, the Haunted House is still disabled in the game and only the lucky few who snagged it early have been able to get to work. However, don't let that stop you from collecting all of the nails, boards and bricks you need -- then once the Haunted House shows up again, you'll be ready.

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