FarmVille Haunted House appears, then disappears from the game

farmville haunted house
farmville haunted house

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rolled out the much-anticipated Haunted House -- an item that has been promoted in a teaser loading screen for the game and in the official FarmVille podcast in the past few weeks -- and as soon as the house appeared, it disappeared again due to some kind of bug. From the official FarmVille forums:

"Haunted Houses are currently deactivated. We are going to make sure everything is rock solid before we open them back up. Those of you who didn't get one yet will have a shot in the morning – we do sleep from time to time."

So if you didn't get a Haunted House last night, looks like you'll have to wait a little longer while the people behind the scenes get the kinks out. Seems like FarmVille is going to have a lot going on today, with the kick-off of the big in-game Halloween promotion and the whole McDonalds promotion as well.

Let's just say it's not going to be a dull week for virtual farmers, provided all of this stuff rolls out without any more hitches.

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mrr233, this year's haunted house is on the right (with animations!).

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