EZ Cracker Review: It's all that it's cracked up to be .... and more

The Product: EZ Cracker Egg Cracker/Separator
The Price:$19.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling
The Claims: Crack open eggs with no fuss, no mess
Buy-O-Meter Rating: 4 out of 5

The EZ Cracker cracks me up. This plastic egg cracker/separator turns breaking eggs into a riot of snap, crack and plop.

I know cracking eggs is easy for some cooks -- I tip my chef's hat to anyone who can break an egg one-handed or without shattering the shell.

But when it comes to cracking eggs, I'm all thumbs. I'm a nervous wreck during the windup, then either crack the thing too hard or too soft. Shards of shell fall into the bowl, and I spend the next 10 minutes chasing them with a spoon.

EZ Cracker was made for people like me and more dexterous cooks with a half-dozen eggs to crack for a meringue, souffle or flan.

EZ Cracker is the size of a garlic press, with a cradle that holds the egg and a blade that cracks the shell. Just load, snap, and faster than you can say "sunny side up" you've got a perfectly cracked egg. Attach the separator, and yolk and white are forever parted.

It's addictive, quick and foolproof.

EZ Cracker, however, is not an efficient hard-boiled egg peeler. Although the informercial claims it peels eggs with ease, it doesn't. Also, the cracker is not dishwasher safe, so be careful not to slice yourself on the blade when rinsing it off in the sink.

Online, EZ Cracker costs $27 including shipping and handling. With a little looking, you can find it for $11 in stores.

Bottom line on EZ Cracker?

If cracking eggs isn't your kitchen forte, give yourself a break ... and an EZ Cracker.

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