Cross-Dressing Hotel Employee Fired For Disturbing the Peace

A cross-dressing man was not what Hyatt Hotel guest Daynara Fernandez anticipated as part of the amenities.

When she returned to her room at the Hyatt, reports Max Reed on GAWKER, inside she found hotel employee Garcia-Franco "wearing her skirt, and her underwear, and her high heels. He kept his uniform on though!" The lawsuit which she filed against the Hyatt indicates, "The man looked at Plaintiff and said, 'me like, me like.'"

No longer an employee with Hyatt, Garcia-Franco did wind up, whether he liked it or not, pleading guilty to disturbing the peace. He paid a fine of $187 and had a sentence of 90 days of court supervision.

As Reed suggests, Garcia-Franco could leverage this experience as "a great opening to a heartwarming romantic comedy." A fundamental of professional life is: it's not what happens to us but what we do with it.

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