Called "Serial Groper" by Judge, "Octopus Arms" by Victims

Charles Archer, former car dealership boss in the UK, attracts colorful nicknames, reports Claire Ellicott in the Daily Mail. They might remind you of what you called each other in the old neighborhood or on the sports team.

Judge Simon Hammond, who convicted Archer of sexually assaulting four young trainees, called him a "serial groper." Back in the Ford dealership Archer's of Ashby, in Leichestershire, his victims called him "octopus arms." In a photo from the Christmas office party, Archer had one of his octopus arms around his wife and the other octopus arm with its hand on a worker's breast.

In your workplace, do you have serial anythings, oddballs, and bullies who have been saddled with interesting nicknames? If so, please tell AOL Jobs.

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