Black Friday: Apps to download before you shop

Black Friday shoppers at TargetFor frugal fanatics, Black Friday is the ultimate time to save. Customers clip coupons and set alarms for 4 a.m., but waking up from a turkey coma is the last thing that some shoppers want to do on that Friday after Thanksgiving. Before pitching a tent in the Target parking lot, consider downloading some retail apps that save users cash, time and possibly even sleep.

Go high-tech with electronic applications. (And for those who aren't fluent in app speak, an app is short for application. It refers to an Internet application or program developed specifically for use on a mobile device like Apple's iPhone or Google's Android.) Retailers are launching apps to help you shop, and save money. So in advance of the holiday season, we here at WalletPop have compiled a list of apps for some of the top retailers.
Best Buy has an app that allows users to find weekly deals efficiently; it even helps shoppers buy for others by using an IdeaGift tool, a gift suggestion service. And for avid Best Buy buyers, the application also provides an opportunity to keep up with Reward Zone Card points.

Avoid the fitting room battle on Black Friday. Create different clothing combinations to find the perfect outfit on Gap'sStyle Mixer and then buy by phone. Upload your own clothing to mix and match pieces, kind of like Cher's closet from the movie "Clueless" . Macy'siShop features its entire online store and even allows users to take advantage of shipping specials. Keep updated on fresh styles from Forever 21. With a couple of touches, access not only the shop inventory, but get instant access to the latest trend tips and lookbooks. Plus, take advantage of Daily 21 Specials, which feature 21 different discounted items.

For shoppers who prefer hammers to handbags, download the Home Depot app. It provides the typical browse-and-search capabilities, but also allows users to search for sales via local ads. If you're questioning your skills on a do-it-yourself job, check out Home Depot's "Project Know-How," where users find tips and videos for those home ventures.

Experience Black Friday-like deals each day with the Targetapp. The "Daily Deals" section on Target's app gives customers the chance to find savings, often as high as 60% off. Plus, grab your iPhone before you hit Target on Black Friday. The built-in scanner lets you quickly check product pricing, which saves time and keeps you from picking up mismarked items.

Boost energy for holiday shopping with a cup of Starbucks and an application download. The coffee shop offers two separate apps: one manages Starbucks' cards and even lets users pay via phone. The other has a section to remember favorite drinks, as well as suggesting tasty food and drink pairings. Picky drinkers rejoice -- Starbucks lets you virtually build your own drink. For those in the market for some extra holiday cash, use the phone feature to search for locations accepting job applications. Plus, Starbucks recently opened up the app to Blackberry users so iPhone owners won't be the only highly caffeinated ones on Black Friday.
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