Treasure Isle Hot Spring heats up Home Island with an Energy bonus

Treasure Isle Hot Spring heats up Home Island with an Energy bonus
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

Log into Treasure Isle today and you'll find more than just increased backpack space. You'll be greeted by a pop-up asking whether you'd like to begin building your Hot Spring relic. Should you accept this simple task (trust us), just place it on any open space in your Home Island and click on the hole in the ground to start building. And if games by Zynga have taught us anything, the word "build" is synonymous with berating your friends for seemingly random items that when brought together will magically create a cool item. This time around you'll be asking for a total of ten of each of these items in its four phases:

  • Rock

  • Aqua Vitae

  • Fire

  • Glue

  • Marble

Each phase after the first will require one more of each item with the final phase calling for four of each material, resulting in the final cost of 10 per item. Well, that's the first Hot Spring I've ever seen held together by a couple of pebbles, some magical water and glue. Anyway, finish each of the relics' four phases to finish your Hot Spring and be rewarded +3 maximum Energy points permanently. You can also buy these items for Island Cash, but isn't this just too easy?

[Image Credit: Treasure Isle Wiki]

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