Treasure Isle Backpack Expansion: More space for more shinies

Treasure Isle Backpack Expansion
Treasure Isle Backpack Expansion

With the amount of junk treasure players collect in Treasure Isle, inventory management was becoming a game in itself within Zynga's relic recovery Facebook game, so the developer has finally expanded backpack space up to 100 more slots. By either paying up in Island Cash or adding more friends, you can travel even longer without having to return home to stow away your discoveries.

Just go to the Store and within the "Tools" tab you'll find the new Backpack section. There you'll be greeted by potential increases in backpack storage to the order of:

  • 5 extra slots for 5 Treasure Isle Cash

  • 25 extra slots for 20 Treasure Isle Cash

  • 100 extra slots for 50 Treasure Isle Cash

  • 1 new Neighbor for 5 extra slots

  • 3 new Neighbors for 25 extra slots

  • 5 new Neighbors for 100 extra slots

Obviously, this is a welcome change for Treasure Isle newbies and veterans alike. And when just five new Neighbors can get you another 100 spaces worth of room for your reclaimed artifacts, who would pay up for this? Unless you're just antisocial, which wouldn't make much sense considering you're playing a social game. Get out there and mingle, will ya?

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