Social City: Free Honda dealership when you watch a Honda Odyssey commercial

Social City 2011 Honda Odyssey
For a limited time, you can get a free Honda car dealership for your virtual city in Playdom's Social City by watching a 2011 Honda Odyssey commercial, and I must say, the commercial itself is pretty kickass. It's got loud music, pyrotechnics, and at some point, they even lightning flash a black panther at you.

As for the virtual dealership's stats, it's a Leisure-type that offers no XP, but will give your town +10,000 Happiness Points.

To take advantage of this offer, open up your game and view "Page A" of your in-game gazette. If the gazette doesn't appear immediately, then click on the "News" icon in the control bar. The advertisement should be on the gazette's front page.
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