Slicing Up the Best Pizza Values -- Savings Experiment

How to Save on Pizza
How to Save on Pizza

As the scion of Italian parents, I'd like to think that I know just about everything there is to know about pizza. I even have ancestors on my dad's side from sunny Naples, the Glorious Birthplace of Pizza Pie. But as the scion of Italian parents -- you know, the kind who think that the louder you yell, the more right you are -- I'm also opinionated about pizza. Make that over-opinionated, like the way Packers fans are about Bears fans, or how Ann Coulter feels about ponytailed guys in sandals with liberal leanings.

For starters, pan pizza to me isn't the real thing. (Nothing invented by a non-Italian Texan, no matter how nice a guy he was, could qualify.) And for that matter, finding a good slice of authentic, thin-crust pizza in Chicago is like hunting down a manager who can take the Cubs to the World Series.