Safe and Dangerous Places in Park City

Areas to Avoid Park City


Originally founded in the early 1880s as a mining town, Park City, Utah has grown into a world class summer and winter resort town. The city is comprised of high income housing, summer and vacation rental residences, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, and resorts. In fact, Park City is one of the most affluent ski towns in the United States and contains more vacation housing than regular residences. As a result, Park City's overall crime rate remains low. However, in order to stay extra safe, you'll need to be aware of some areas to avoid in Park City.

Safest Areas

1. Heber City, Utah - Heber City is located southeast of Park City and offers fun family recreation, world class fishing, spectacular mountain views, and world class resorts. Also, Heber City remains one of the safest areas in the greater Park City area. Crime statistics for Heber City indicate an extremely low rate of violent crime with 0 murders and 0 robberies between 2001 and 2008. Heber City's highest crime rates are thefts and burglaries; however, between 2001 and 2008, only 228 thefts and 152 burglaries were reported.

2. Midway, Utah - This charming Swiss themed city is located directly south of Park City and is a safe place to visit or stay on your Park City vacation. The crime rates reported for Midway are very similar to Heber City. Midway reported, for the year 2006, that 3.52% of its population was affected by property crimes (including thefts, vehicle thefts, and burglaries) and only 0.22% was affected by violent crime.

3. Kamas, Utah - Kamas, Utah is located east of Park City and retains much of the charm of an old west farming community. This is a great place to find a quaint bed and breakfast or a look at rural life. Also, Kamas' crime statistics indicate that its overall crime risk is less than half the national average, while the risk of violent crimes is one third to one fourth the national average, making Kamas a very safe city. Kamas' highest crime rate is larceny, which is only 89% of the national average rate.

Rates for violent crimes in Park City, Utah are lower than the national average; however, crime levels for thefts and burglaries are higher than the national average. In 2006, Park City Police reported 5126.7 thefts/larcenies per 100,000 people and 924.5 burglaries.

Most Dangerous

Since thefts and burglaries are the region's leading crimes, there are some areas to avoid in Park City.

1. Historic Main Street - Main Street is Park City's center of night life and shopping. Lined with hotels, restaurants, bars, and boutiques, Main Street is definitely a safe place to visit. However, Main Street does have a higher rate of thefts than other parts of the city. When on Main Street, be sure to lock your car doors and do not leave valuables visible in your car. Lock up bikes securely and never leave purses, bags, cameras, or other valuables unattended.

2. Kimball Junction - This newer area of Park City is the main shopping district featuring outlet malls, strip malls, and restaurants. This area has a slightly higher theft rate. As with Main Street, make sure your car doors are locked and valuables are not visible. Do not leave shopping bags or wrapped gifts in the car while you continue shopping.

3. Parking Lots - Whether you are hitting the slopes, heading out for a hike, or hitting up the outlet malls, parking lots are a prime location for thefts. Stay safe by always locking your car and never leaving valuables behind. Also, never lock your purse, valuables, or shopping bags in your trunk. Thieves are known to watch for people placing these items in trunks and later break in to steal them. Beware of more remote parking areas for hiking trails and other mountain activities. These areas are also frequented by thieves looking for car break-in opportunities and represent some of the most dangerous places in Park City.

4. Hotel Rooms - Just because your valuables are locked in your room doesn't mean they are safe. Hotel staff members have pass keys to rooms and have been known to steal jewelry, electronics, cash, or credit cards from hotel rooms. So, whenever possible, take your valuables with you when you leave your room. If you cannot take them, pack them away in luggage or put them in drawers to keep them out of sight.

5. Condos and Homes - Both for those living in and those visiting Park City, Utah, avoid burglaries by keeping doors locked both when you are home and away. According to the Park City Police Department, most home burglaries are crimes of opportunity. Thieves take less than 60 seconds to break into homes and usually enter through unlocked windows and doors. If they find they are locked, they usually move on. Also, when you are away, make sure all windows are closed and secured and the garage door is closed. If you will be out late, leave a light or two on until you return.
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