Is Playfish's latest 'player research session' a play-phishing scam?

Playfish Amazon voucher interview offer
Playfish Amazon voucher interview offer

It might be too good to be true, but today, it seems that Playfish, the maker of popular games such as Restaurant City, Pet Society, and Hotel City -- sent out an announcement to players that says it's offering $80 USD per person, in the form of an Amazon Gift voucher, to participate in a "player research session!"

All it wants from you is to make an appointment to talk to them over the phone, for one hour, while you play their games on Facebook. In exchange, they want your name, age, phone number, and time preferences. That sounds like phishing doesn't it? To top it off, they already have your email, and if you respond, you're confirming that it's yours. So normally, an offer like this reeks of scammy spam, and if you're smart, you'll delete it and move on. But this one looks too perfect to be fake; it even includes links to Electronic Arts' (which bought Playfish last November) Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.