Mafia Wars Social Missions: Are you an Initiator or a Helper?

Mafia Wars Missions tab
Mafia Wars Missions tab

The Zynga community team announced on the Mafia Wars forums that a new feature is now live named Social Missions. However, the feature is only live for some lucky players to initiate the missions while everyone can be recruited to help once one of their friends finds a Social Mission. Regardless of whether you've been chosen as an Initiator, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find a new "Missions" tab between the Gifting and Marketplace tabs (pictured above). We're going to make an educated guess and say that this will be the hub for all Social Missions. Common sense rocks, we know.

Social Missions only trigger while doing normal jobs, but once that happens said player, or the Initiator, can recruit his or her mafia friends to become Helpers in the mission. These are timed tasks that have different assignments specialized for certain types of players, which gives the Initiator the chance to make best use of his mafia. We hope Social Missions will make use of the Top Mafia feature, because as of right now it's severely underused aside from its bonuses and being required to Declare War.

According to the forum post, it seems that Initiators will receive special item rewards in addition to a combination of experience, coins and later Loyalty Points, while Helpers will only be rewarded the latter with a chance at common loot. Initiators can also dismiss Helpers if they're too slow or could potentially jeopardize the mission, so be on your 'A' game.

With the ability to Initiate 10 and Help with 10 Social Missions at once, we're going to have quite a lot of work on our hands when this feature goes live for everyone.

Have you become an Initiator or a Helper yet? If so, how are you enjoying the new missions? Spill the beans in the comments. Add Comment.