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Let's kick off a new weekly series called AOL Jobs Hot Site with is, at first glance, a huge collection of all-things-job-search. There is a lot of value to a job seeker, or someone who might start a job search, once you dig in. Here's some stuff you should know:

About the site: was started around 1993 as a collection of job search resources pulled together by a grad student at Stanford University (and located on the same server where Yahoo started - how interesting!). The domain name ( was registered in 1996 and acquired by the current owner in 1998. has over 16,000 links out to resources (more than 1/2 are to company job boards) valuable to job seekers. 16,000 is a lot to sift through - luckily you don't have to go through each link. Once you realize what you want (state employment office link? Corporate alumni group link? Local networking club link?) you can quickly find what you need.

About the owner: Susan Joyce acquired in 1998 and has been passionate about it since then. She's gone through two layoffs and a number of serious job searches. In part, her passion comes from watching colleagues deal with the stress of the layoff and knowing how critical good, solid information is to job seekers. She's very sensitive to ensuring quality because a job seeker with faulty information is a bad thing.

I've met Susan a number of times at conferences and interacted with her on various job search forums and have found her to be professional and courteous. Nothing gets in the way of ensuring she respects her audience (the job seeker) by providing the most important information to them. To ensure the integrity of her site she personally checks for scams and fraud and misinformation. If Susan stands behind something I don't need any other assurance.

job huntWhy you should visit: to find networking opportunities, great career and job search advice, and find niche content for different types of job seekers (veterans, green jobs, marketing professionals, etc.). You can also easily get to company career pages as well as learn about current job search techniques (from the left column).

What I like most about it: There's a lot to find at Job-Hunt but I've always liked the ability to find out about local network groups. Simple click on Directory of Local Networking and Job Search Support Groups and click on your state to see what they have listed. If you know of any suggestions, there's an email to send the suggestion to.

What Susan likes most about it: She says one of her favorite features of, which she calls an "employment portal," is that she provides venues to help people network. She has lists of local networking clubs (which I mentioned above), links to associations and their job pages (no one else has a list like this, with links to the job pages!), corporate/military/government alumni groups, and the new career centers (green jobs, etc.) where you can get a lot of solid information and links.

How do they make money: Job-Hunt's business model is the traditional "get a lot of people to come to the site and monetize with ad revenue." In other words, Susan sells advertisement space to companies who like her audience, and revenue-generating links are always identified as "sponsored." Like I mentioned above, Susan is a stickler for integrity and privacy and mentioned she has turned down a number of advertising opportunities for various reasons. I appreciate how she maintains the integrity of the content she puts up, including ads.

** Note: all links above are from her front page... it's quite a portal!

Follow Susan Joyce on Twitter @JobHuntOrg.

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