Google TV details revealed: web, apps, flinging and a chance to win a Google TV

Google has finally revealed new details about what you can expect when Google TV arrives in your living room this fall. If you aren't familiar with Google TV, it's a platform that will be built into some new HDTVs and available as an add on to existing sets with a Google TV box from Logitech.

We already knew that Google TV would search and organize your TV viewing experience, but now we know how it will work with the web, network websites and that there will be Google TV Apps.

Search: In addition to search becoming a central part of your TV-watching experience, Dish Network users with Google TV will be able to schedule recordings directly from the built-in search bar. Google TV will also ship with Google Chrome, a full scale web browser with support for Flash that will allow you to play games, surf the web and watch online videos.

The Web: Google reports that many media companies have already revamped their websites to work in a specific way with Google TV. These include TBS, TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim as well as premium channels such as HBO through HBO Go, but you still need to be an HBO subscriber. Absent from the list is Hulu, which works in Chrome for your computer, so it looks like we will have to wait and see if Hulu works on Google TV.

Movies and TV Shows: In addition to these optimized websites, Google TV will also work with Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand for watching movies and TV shows. Netflix starts at $8.99 a month and Amazon has recently started offering select TV shows in HD for 99 cents. TV shows and movies rented in iTunes will not work with Google TV.

While you watch video, you'll also be able to surf the web and share links with friends on Twitter and other social networks. The NBA is also on board with the NBA Game Time app, which will allow Google TV owners to check scores and watch highlights.

Apps: The NBA Google TV app is just one of many that are in the works for Google TV. Like the app store for Android and the iPhone, Google is allowing third parties to create apps that work on your HDTV. Expect to see Netflix, Pandora, Twitter, Napster and many more.

Remote and more: Another cool feature of Google TV will be the integration with Google Android smart phones. Not only will you be able to use your phone as a remote control to manage Google TV, but you'll be able to "Fling" content from your phone to the TV instantly. This is similar to the functionality iPad and iPhone users can experience with Apple TV, sharing a video from the device to the TV without wires. One of the only things we haven't heard is if Google TV will hook up to your home computer in a manner that allows it to stream movie files you have locally. Hopefully, users will be able to "Fling" from their computer as well.

You'll also be able to use your Google TV as a giant picture frame, create playlists to watch on your TV later and enjoy a personalized homepage that keeps the channels and apps you want front and center.

Win a Google TV from Sony: If Google TV sounds like something you want in your living room head over to Sony, where the company is giving away five 40" Google TVs over the next few days.
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