FrontierVille Mystery Crates return with more illusive animals to collect

FrontierVille Mystery Crates return
FrontierVille Mystery Crates return

Got bored of your pink alpaca already? You're in luck as Zynga has introduced new Mystery Crates to FrontierVille containing brand new and mysterious animals in equally goofy colors. Until October 19, you can pay 30 Horseshoes, or around $3 USD, for a chance at one of these Mystery Animals:

  • A white, brown or pink Deer (Harvest in 6 hours)

  • A white, lilac or blue Quail (Harvest in 3 hours)

  • A gray, red or white Squirrel (Harvest in 2 hours)

Three bills seems like a lot for a chance at a pink Deer (come on, it's as close FrontierVille will ever get to unicorns), but if you just want the animal in its normal variety for your collection right this instant, Zynga added the even more expensive option to buy a white Quail, a brown Deer or gray Squirrel outright for 65 Horseshoes (about $7 USD). For the same price, I'd rather take my chances at two different Mystery Animals to finish that Mystery Animals Collection I missed out on before that much quicker.

Will you be collection all nine Mystery Animals or will you just buy their boring brethren outright for the 65 Horsehoes? How do you like the option to just buy these animals directly? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.