FrontierVille Huge Expansion Missions: Everything you need to know

FrontierVille Huge Homestead is here
Zynga allowed pioneers in FrontierVille to expand their homestead to 29x29 squares earlier this summer with the Big Homestead Expansion, but things have gotten a little cramped in the past two months with all of the nifty animals, industrial buildings and money pits activities we've had the pleasure of playing with. That's why today, we can now expand our homestead even farther to 33x33 squares with the Huge Expansion Missions. But if you've yet to expand your homestead, the price for the Big Expansion Quest mission has been cut by 4,500 coins!

You officially have no reason to at least get started on breaking new ground, but if you're right there with us, join us after the break for a full guide.
Huge Homestead Exploration
The series of missions will initially cost you just a handful of 950 coins (that's just the beginning), which will automatically add the missions to your queue, which you can edit at will thanks to a recent update. The first mission, titled "Huge Homestead Exploration," goes a little something like this:

  • Own three Ribbons (They'll be used for the mission)
  • Buy a Forest Saw at the Market (costs 3,500 coins in Decorations section)
  • Chop 10 neighbors' trees (Easy enough)

Aside from buying the Forest Saw in the Market and chopping trees like normal, the Ribbons naturally appear on the free gift list, so put them on your wish list and publish it to your friends. They do go for 4 Horseshoes a piece in the Market, but such an accessible item can wait out the 12 Horseshoes ($2 USD).

Spying on Some Foxes
The next mission is called "Spying on Some Foxes" and requires quite a bit more time to complete. Here's what you need to do:

  • Gather 20 Telescopes (Ask your friends from the mission page)
  • Feed 25 Animals
  • Clobber Four Foxes

The hardest parts of this mission are how long it's going to take to get 20 Telescopes from your friends and how much energy it will cost both feeding your animals and beating down some foxes. While you can unlock the Telescopes for an insane 80 Horseshoes, or over $8, here's a real tip: foxes appear when you feed or harvest chickens, so buy a few extra chickens (they're only 75 coins) and feed them to increase your chances of foxes appearing.

Sneaky Snake Cakes
"Sneak Snake Cakes!" is the third mission on your way to a nice chunk of land and has a prerequisite that you'll have to meet before you can continue: an Inn, which is quite an undertaking that requires lots of time, wood and coins. After completing an Inn you can finally finish this long mission:

  • Clobber Three Snakes
  • Bake Three Cakes
  • Visit 12 Neighbors

What killing snakes has to do with baking cakes, other than the fact that the two words rhyme, we haven't in the slightest. Nonetheless, snakes can be found when clearing rocks and skulls from your homestead, so that's an easy enough goal. Baking cakes requires the Inn to craft, so that's a pretty big barrier to entry for a goal that takes seconds to accomplish. If you don't have 12 neighbors already, this goal is going to take you more than one day, but you can always unlock it for 24 Horseshoes (fat chance)!

Just Sign Here
The fourth mission, "Just Sign Here," while it kind of completes itself, is ridiculous nonetheless:

  • Harvest 300 crops (seriously?)
  • Clobber Eight Groundhogs
  • Get 20 Survey Authorizations

Regardless of the fact that you can harvest any crop you like (hint: Clovers take just five minutes) this goal is going to take a long, tedious time. Since groundhogs pop up from harvesting crops, you'll probably have that goal finished before your halfway done the first. All the while, you'll have to ask your friends for 20 Survey Authorizations. Those insane Horseshoes options aren't looking so bad now, are they? (No... must resist!)

Get Huge!
Your final mission, should you choose to accept it (we'd hope so if you've come this far), is "Get Huge," which will essentially drain you of your life savings:

  • Collect Two Daily Bonuses from your Land Office
  • Have or Craft Two Land Grants Inside the Land Office
  • Buy Land Expansion (33x33) at the Land Office

Well, I don't know about "huge," but something will surely shrink from completing this mission when it costs 20,000 coins to craft two Land Grants. While that's phenomenally better than when one Land Grant cost a ludicrous 100,000 coins to craft, some players are probably still reeling from the cost of the first. Maybe the final rewards from this mission, two Mystery Crates, two Animal Mystery Crates and a Swimming Hole will make up for some of the financial damages. All in all, this is probably the longest and most arduous task in FrontierVille to date, so for those looking for a true challenge, here you are.

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