FrontierVille Huge Expansion Missions: Everything you need to know

FrontierVille Huge Homestead is here
FrontierVille Huge Homestead is here

Zynga allowed pioneers in FrontierVille to expand their homestead to 29x29 squares earlier this summer with the Big Homestead Expansion, but things have gotten a little cramped in the past two months with all of the nifty animals, industrial buildings and money pits activities we've had the pleasure of playing with. That's why today, we can now expand our homestead even farther to 33x33 squares with the Huge Expansion Missions. But if you've yet to expand your homestead, the price for the Big Expansion Quest mission has been cut by 4,500 coins!

You officially have no reason to at least get started on breaking new ground, but if you're right there with us, join us after the break for a full guide.