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Adventure Activity Montpelier

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Montpelier, Vermont isn't what you'd call a major cultural center. Not much goes on here, and we like it that way. If we wanted skyscrapers, we would have built them. And as for adventure activity in Montpelier, well, you don't go to Montpelier for crazy excitement. You come here for the nature, the slow pace, the country hospitality and the atmosphere of nostalgia. We understand this, and have lots of it here for you to share.

Yes, Vermont isn't for everybody. You can only look at the Green Mountains for so long before you start bugging out a bit. Vermont is sort of like Colorado, in a cold, mountainous, isolated way. Some say it even looks a bit like the scenery in the movie "The Shining." Not much good will come of it should you succumb to cabin fever and take a hatchet to your family. You won't even get a movie out of it. Every producer is going to look at it and say, "They made this movie already."

However, I've racked my brain and scoured the land and come up with several Montpelier travel adventures and outdoor activities. So if you're traveling through Vermont and looking for an adventure activity in Montpelier, check these options out: 1. Capture the Lake Champlain Monster

Sure, they tell you that the monster in Lake Champlain, otherwise known as "Champ", is a myth, people just overreacting to a sturgeon. If you're game for daring activities, however, try to prove the non-believers wrong by capturing him.

If Champ does exist, he most likely feeds like a fish. Therefore, you'd hunt him like a fish. He's just a really big fish - the Uberbass.

Begin this Montpelier outdoor activity by renting a Jeep with a tow hitch, buying a side of deer, and connecting the two with a long chain and a big hook. Take the deer out to the middle of the lake with a rowboat, and then just wait in the Jeep with a hot cup of coffee and a newspaper.

Anything in the lake big enough to eat a side of deer should be a worthy fishing trophy. Wait until the Jeep is being pulled backwards in neutral. Put the Jeep in gear, drive forward, and haul the prize ashore. It's simple. I'd do it myself, but I'm a city girl.

Use caution. A ten-ton dinosaur is going to be very angry about being hooked and dragged ashore. So will the Park Ranger that you've most likely caught instead.

2. Pancake-Eating Contest in Syrup City

There are two kinds of people on the earth, the person who wins the world competitive pancake eating championship, and everybody else. There's only room for one at the top, and there's no better place to take a shot at the record than "Syrup City." Vermont, with her miles of maple trees, is the largest producer of maple syrup in the US.

The record for pancake consumption, set in the former Soviet Union, is 73 in 60 minutes. Just remember that the winner didn't have the advantage of really fresh maple syrup, like you will. So base your family adventure in Montpelier around a hearty breakfast.

That many pancakes will stand a serious chance of swelling your stomach to the point that it compromises your other organs, but if it doesn't, there isn't an IHOP that would dare ask you to settle a tab.

3. Snowball Fight

Montpelier is the state capital of Vermont. Therefore, if you can control Montpelier, you control Vermont. This adventure activity in Montpelier will have you in charge in no time.

First, pre-position 2500 snowballs (a family adventure in itself) near the Vermont State House, and take out Governor Jim Douglas as he reports for work. Next, carry him away to your snow fort. Then, make him eat 73 pancakes in 60 minutes. That will crack even the best man, and he'll agree to rule as a figurehead while you control things behind the scenes.

Failing that, just come to Vermont in January for some good winter outdoor activities - and the odd snowball fight.

4. A Holly Jolly Soul

Go to the Vermont College Of Fine Arts, find a sorority house, and wait for a blizzard. Stand really still, in a scarecrow pose. Let enough snow fall on you to pass as a snowman. Wait for the right kid to wander by, and then "come alive" and ask her if she'd like to go sledding.

If she calls the police, stand still and try the snowman disguise again. Even if it fails, the police may feel you're too crazy to bother arresting. It's a daring Montpelier adventure that's worth a shot.

5. Welcome to Canada

Find a lonely road on the fringes of Montpelier. Shovel all night, and build a snow roadblock. Leave enough room in the middle for a car to pass through. Dress like Dudley Do-Right, and pretend to be guarding the US/Canada border. Try to collect the new "Entering America" toll from anyone coming in either direction.

Again, be prepared for police intervention.

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