Adventure Activities in Montpelier - Try If You Dare

Adventure Activity Montpelier
Adventure Activity Montpelier

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Montpelier, Vermont isn't what you'd call a major cultural center. Not much goes on here, and we like it that way. If we wanted skyscrapers, we would have built them. And as for adventure activity in Montpelier, well, you don't go to Montpelier for crazy excitement. You come here for the nature, the slow pace, the country hospitality and the atmosphere of nostalgia. We understand this, and have lots of it here for you to share.

Yes, Vermont isn't for everybody. You can only look at the Green Mountains for so long before you start bugging out a bit. Vermont is sort of like Colorado, in a cold, mountainous, isolated way. Some say it even looks a bit like the scenery in the movie "The Shining." Not much good will come of it should you succumb to cabin fever and take a hatchet to your family. You won't even get a movie out of it. Every producer is going to look at it and say, "They made this movie already."

However, I've racked my brain and scoured the land and come up with several Montpelier travel adventures and outdoor activities. So if you're traveling through Vermont and looking for an adventure activity in Montpelier, check these options out:

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