Why Internet TV Can't Compete with Cable

More Web users may be watching television online, but that doesn't mean that viewers are ready to give up their cable or satellite services just yet. According to an ABI Research report released Monday, only about one in eight television viewers -- 13% of the 1,000 consumers surveyed -- say they'd be willing to "cut the cord" with their cable or satellite companies and watch content solely via the Internet.

Meanwhile, Web television growing ever more popular. The number of respondents who said they'd be interested in watching Internet video on their television sets roughly doubled from two years ago to approximately 32%, according to ABI.

The results indicate that most Americans still haven't sorted out the myriad videostreaming providers, ABI said in a statement. The prospect of navigating the growing list of online content providers, from moviestreaming companies like Netflix (NFLX) to TV-streaming sites like Hulu, is a big part of when keeps consumers from canceling their TV-subscription services, ABI said. Some content is also still unavailable online.