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Learn how to score a deal on a new apartment, how to "break up" with a roommate, and what to do if your rental is foreclosed on. It's all here and more this week on RentedSpaces:

How to Negotiate Rent
You wouldn't think twice about haggling over a car or a house, so why not drive a hard bargain when you're shopping for rental digs? Find out how to up your odds of bagging a good deal when you read more.

I'm in Love With My Straight Roommate
The Apartment Guru helps a roommate decide whether to reveal his amorous feelings to his (currently) platonic roommate. Perhaps we should also refer him to our next article, below. Read more.

Roommate Agreements, and Breaking Up When Things Go Badly

You may not be hooking up (or hey, maybe you are), but your relationship with your roommate can be just as complicated as a romantic relationship -- and with a much trickier set of breakup rules. Read more.

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Foreclosure: What It Means for the Renter
With foreclosure rates at an all-time high this year, many renters are wondering what to do if their landlord's property is foreclosed on. See how you can protect yourself when you read more.

Tenants' Rights When Landlord Breaks Rental Agreement
Though laws vary widely from state to state, your rights as a tenant are protected by law. Learning your state's stance on things like repairs and maintenance can help prevent future headaches. Read more.

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