Treasure Isle Dragons will take you to lands that are Timeless in China

Treasure Isle Dragon
Treasure Isle Dragon

A new feature appeared in Treasure Isle this weekend that continues the exotic Asian Isles map sets, the Dragon. You heard that right, not the Dragon Sailboat. Zynga decided to quit beating around the bush and give us treasure hunters what we really want: to ride on our very own fierce, majestic dragon.

It's too bad when you find the magical lizard he's sickly and pathetic (since when do dragons get sick?). Fortunately, nursing the little baby back to health will open up a whole new map for you to explore called Timeless in China, which holds eight new islands to find shinies in. Finding the dragon currently seems like a random occurrence, but once you do find him, throw him in the good old backpack and take him to your Home Island. It's there that you can click on the legged, sickly snake to ask six of your friends to help bring him back to good health, though one new friend will automatically come by each day to help if your friends are slowpokes.

You can also pay up 30 Island Cash, or about $5 USD, to bring him into his own instantly Seriously, even if you don't have six friends, it's only six days. We think you can wait. Once fully healed, the dragon is what you'll need to access the Timeless in China maps. Good luck finding the dragon and exploring the Timeless in China maps. Just don't get lost in there, because unlike in Hollywood wushu flicks where that's cool and exciting we call that addiction. And that's just no fun.

[Via Treasure Isle Wiki]

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