Southern Living, Sunset DIY books recalled for faulty home wiring info

Wiring and circuit breakersMore than a half-million do-it-yourself, home-improvement books are being recalled, including many under the Southern Living brand, because of errors in diagrams and in electrical wiring instructions, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Consumers trying to do home repairs based on the books could get shocked or start a fire, the CPSC said. So far, no injuries have been reported, but consumers should immediately stop using the books. The recalled books -- some more than 50 years old -- are all out of print but are probably "still on bookshelves" in homes, the agency said.

The books were sold nationwide from 1955 until December 2005 for $5 to $20. Book publisher Oxmoor House will give consumers a full refund. Call Oxmoor at (866) 696-7602 or go to its website for a prepaid shipping label to return the book.

The recalled titles and their publication dates are:
  • Fix-It Maps: Replacing Switches and Receptacles (January 2000)
  • Southern Living Basic Home Repairs (January 1999)
  • Southern Living Basic Wiring (2nd edition) (January 1999)
  • Southern Living Basic Home Wiring Illustrated (June 1992)
  • Southern Living Bathrooms Planning & Remodeling (January 1999)
  • Southern Living Home Lighting (January 1999)
  • Southern Living Kitchens Planning & Remodeling (January 2000)
  • Sunset Basic Wiring (3rd Ed.) (March 1995)
  • Sunset Basic Home Wiring Illustrated (1st & 2nd Ed.) (1987 and 1977)
  • Southern Living Complete Patio (January 2000 and September 1992)
  • Sunset Bathrooms Planning & Remodeling (January 2000, April 1994, October 1983, September 1980, 1975, 1969 and 1963)
  • Sunset Home Lighting (January 1998)
  • Sunset Home Lighting Handbook (May 1988 and October 1982)
  • Sunset Home Remodeling Illustrated (September 1987)
  • Sunset Kitchens Planning & Remodeling (January 2000, April 1994, October 1983, 1976, 1974, 1967, 1962 and 1955)
  • Sunset Basic Home Repair Handbook (HC edition) (August 1987)
This recall is the second this year for the Birmingham, Ala., publisher. In January, nearly a million books were called back for the same reasons, including some sold under the Lowe's home improvement store brand.
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