Rejected ScotteVest ad goes viral

Since airlines began adding on fees faster than passengers, we've wondered how long it would take consumers to revolt against carry-on fees. The revolution, it turns out, may not be televised, but rather worn. Delta is so protective of its multi-million dollar baggage fee business that the Delta Sky Magazine rejected a ScotteVest ad that told customers how to avoid baggage fees.

Rejected Delta ScotteVest Ad

We broke the news on Friday and by the time we heard from Scott Jordan, CEO of ScotteVest, his small company was locked in a David v. Goliath battle with the airline industry over the cost of a carry on.

You see, it isn't just Delta that was upset -- Jordan had touched a nerve and within a few hours of tweeting the Delta ScotteVest ad rejection, sources had informed ScotteVest that the company, "would likely be rejected by all other airline magazines as well, and that this was causing major ripples." -- all for telling customers how to avoid paying one of the most outrageous fees of 2010.

When we broke the story on Friday we never expected the Delta ScotteVest Ad rejection to go so far, but Jordan reached out to his customers and news outlets, tapping into the anger over baggage fees, resulting in close to 230,000 Google search results for "Delta ScotteVest Ad" and gaining support from social media with tweets from many fed up passengers, including the influential Robert Scoble.

If you're sick of paying carry-on fees, the best way to show the airlines is by not paying them. Whether you wear it in a ScotteVest, ship your luggage, pack less or fly an airline like Southwest that doesn't charge baggage fees. The only way passengers have a chance of sending a message is with their wallets.
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