POM Wonderful adds sex to its list of attributes

POM Wonderful now markets as a sex aid
POM Wonderful now markets as a sex aid

POM Wonderful, the litigious juice maker pummeled by the FTC over allegedly touting its product as a remedy for erectile dysfunction among many other health issues, unveiled this week a star-studded national TV ad campaign soaked in erotic imagery.

The campaign, a highly stylized black-and-white cinematic feat, includes three 30-second ads that offer a provocative take on key mythological scenes. One of the spots offers a glimpse into "the Garden of Eden" by showing a naked "Eve," played by the Swiss bombshell Sonja Kinski, being caressed by a snake as she reaches for a bottle of POM Wonderful. A voiceover breathily intones: "Some scholars believe it wasn't an apple, but a ruby-red, antioxidant-rich pomegranate with which Eve tempted Adam."