Increasing Workload Weighs Heavily on Employee's Well-Being

Increasing Workload Weighs Heavily on Employee's Well-Being
Layoffs and Restructurings Increase Employee Workloads

Since the Great Recession began, more and more companies are laying off and restructuring their employees in an effort to cut costs and increase profits. As a result, workers are being asked to step up and do more, for less or with less, and are starting to feel the strain of heavier workloads.

According to a recent survey of more than 800 individuals, conducted by the research team at, "as many as 57 percent believe workloads have grown 'a lot." Linda Konstan, a human resources professional with 25 years of experience, says, "I've had to help business owners make tough decisions in the past two years to reorganize their firms, which often has led to layoffs. Many jobs have been restructured and/or consolidated to not only increase efficiencies and reduce redundancy, but also to save money."