Home Appraisals: Show Your Home's Best Side


When Martin Erle, a certified athletic trainer who lives in Glen Mills, Pa., was preparing for a home appraisal, he knew there were factors he couldn't control, such as the location of the neighborhood and the value of other houses on his block. But Erle could control what the appraiser saw when he walked up to the front door.

"I could control the physical and visual condition of my house and property," Erle said, when recounting his thought process before the appraisal.

He's right. As with many events in life, successful home appraisals depend on good preparation, careful attention to detail and a dose of fortunate circumstances. The good news, as Erle noted, is that there is a lot homeowners can do to give themselves the best chance for a favorable appraisal. Here are some tips to follow.

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