FrontierVille Cheats & Tips: Instant gifts & energy cheat

frontierville cheats
Update! Sorry folks, this cheat has been totally killed by Zynga. To those who were able to use the cheat, it was sure good while it lasted. Sorry to those who missed out on all the free items. Again, this cheat no longer works.

Hello Frontierfolks, it's Mr. Cheats here with the down-low on the things you shouldn't know. Today, I'm here to teach you a sneaky new FrontierVille gifting cheat that will instantly earn you tons of energy and items in FrontierVille.

Are you always low on energy? Do your neighbors not send you enough free gifts? Or are you sick of them sending you the wrong ones? This FrontierVille cheat aims to remedy all this by letting you choose the gift you receive. Not only that, the gift you choose will be delivered instantly, no additional clicking!

And, although it looks complicated, our step by step instructions make it remarkably simple. You'll be FrontierVille cheating in no time.

Continue reading to find out how to instantly receive the free items of your choice with our FrontierVille cheat.

frontierville cheatTo use this FrontierVille cheat, follow the following instructions:

1. Accept a FrontierVille gift from a friend.

The next screen should ask, "Do you have more gifts to accept?" Here, look at the long URL in the top of your browser.

In the jumble of numbers and letters you should see the following:

&gift=(gift code here)

Replace the gifted item code with the code for the item you want. Codes listed below.

4. Once the url has been changed, press Enter and instantly get a second gift!

5. Continue to change the url and receive more gifts until you have everything you need. Then receive the process with the next neighbor's gift.

Note: With this FrontierVille cheat you cannot receive two of the same gift from one neighbor's gift.

The Item Codes are as follows:

Item Codes

Code - Item

meal1 - Light Snack
meal2 - Breakfast
meal3 - Lunch
meal4 - Dinner
slate - Slate
ink - Ink
pen - Pen
spitball - Spitball
chalk - Chalk
ribbon - Ribbon
pig - Pig
cow - Cow
ox - Ox
goose - Goose
chicken - Chicken
sheep - Sheep
gift_mystery1 - Mystery Gift
gift_mystery2 - Mystery Gift
gift_mystery3 - Mystery Gift
gift_mystery4 - Mystery Gift
Item Codes courtesy of our commenters

Code - Item

hammer - Hammer
paint_bucket - Paint Bucket
hand_drill - Hand Drill
bricks - Bricks
nails - Nails
smallflowers_blue - Small Blue Flowers
flowerbed_small - Small Flowerbed
smallflowers_yellow - Small Yellow Flowers
flowerpot_round - Round Flowerpot
pearfront - Pear Tree
applefront - Apple Tree
peachfront - Peach Tree
cherryfront - Cherry Tree
apricotfront - Apricot Tree
pinefront - Pine Tree
feast_roastturkey - Thanksgiving Feast Roast Turkey
feast_cranberrysauce - Thanksgiving Feast Cranberry Sauce
feast_pie - Thanksgiving Feast Pie
feast_sweetpotatoes - Thanksgiving Feast Sweet Potatoes
carepackages - Care Package
garland_fence - Fence with Garland
winterdecor3_largewreath - Large Wreath

FrontierVille cheat example:

I accepted a Breakfast a neighbor sent to me. The url on the "Accept more gifts" screen read:
frontierville cheats
I changed &gift=meal2 to &gift=meal4 and instantly received a Dinner:
frontierville cheatsfrontierville cheats
May the always ethical Mr. Cheats remind you, this is a FrontierVille cheat, so choose to use or abuse it with that in mind. Hope you enjoy this FrontierVille cheat should you choose to use it.

Thanks to Martin for the tip.

Pinsrj's Troubleshooting Guide:
Sometimes it's necessary to change another section of the URL as well. In addition to the change discussed above, towards the end of the URL you'll see something to the effect of


Sometimes you may need to change this to:

=&gift=meal2& or whatever gift you want.

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If you find any more FrontierVille cheat codes, post them in the comments and Mr Cheats will add them to this FrontierVille cheats guide.
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