Free Trade Agreement Strikes Fear in U.S. Workforce

Any kind of Free Trade Agreement? The very concept strikes fear -- and hostility -- in the hearts of 53 percent of Americans. That's what the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found. Whether it's trade in India or trade in China, the majority of Americans see any free trade agreement as harmful to the U.S. economy, report Sara Murray and Douglas Belkn in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.

At this time, for some the worst of economic times, even the upper-income who usually favor the free trade agreement are opting for protectionist measures. No wonder.

For example, attorneys, whose entry level job in a large law firm can pay $170,000, are seeing those jobs outsourced to India. Heather Timmons at THE NEW YORK TIMES captures the extent of that good-job drain. Back in 2005, only 40 companies in India were in the outsourcing loop. By 2009, there were 140 and they have migrated up the food chain from routine document review to process engineering the entire legal task so that it can be divided into pieces and assigned to the lowest-cost vendors around the world.

The impact of negative attitudes toward any free trade agreement will be felt in the midterm elections and into the 2012 campaign. In his book A WHOLE NEW MIND trend guru Daniel Pink recommends finding or creating a way to make a living which demands a human presence. That, such as proving nursing care, can't be performed in another nation. Another way to counter outsourcing is to be right-brain or innovative like Mark Zuckerberg.

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