FarmVille looking to Windows Phone 7 to sow seeds of addiction

FarmVille on Windows Phone 7
FarmVille on Windows Phone 7

At the recent GigaOm Mobilize Conference in San Francisco, general manager of developer and platform evangelism Matt Thompson claimed that the "hook" Windows Phone 7 will have other smartphones is Xbox Live integration, according to Venture Beat. More importantly, Thompson also mentioned briefly during his time on stage at the GigaOm event that (drum roll, please) FarmVille will be one of the many games coming to Windows Phone 7.

This is the second mobile platform that Zynga will officially be taking its insanely addictive Facebook farming game to (can you guess where you can find it already?). With the San Francisco-based social game creator looking for Android developers, it can't be too long before we're harvesting crops on our Android phones as well.

Whether FarmVille on Windows Phone 7 will take advantage of the phone's Xbox Live features is uncertain, but it is possible considering games on the device are only developed through Microsoft's XNA. A development environment used for Xbox 360's indie games that already allows for Live features, players could add Xbox Live friends as neighbors and share their progress on Xbox Live.

Windows Phone 7 will be available this fall on almost all major carriers, so scratch the, "but there's no FarmVille" excuse off your list of reasons for not getting one of these bad boys.

[Image Credit: WMPoweruser, Gizmodo]

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