Zynga Poker VIP Club gives players the true card shark treatment for a very important price

Zynga Poker VIP Club
Zynga Poker VIP Club

For the hardcore online poker players, Zynga has introduced the VIP Club in Zynga Poker for players with deep interest in poker and even deeper pockets. For $29.95 a month, VIP Club members--somewhat similar to Mafia Wars' Loyalty Program--will receive double experience from games, free limited edition items monthly, access to "members-only" tables for those who play high stakes and a VIP badge on your table profile for all to see.

While the extra experience and items are a plus, let's face the facts: what your $30 monthly fee is really going towards is status, as goes with most high-profile memberships. This is all well and good if you want to play poker games with players you know are willing to put up some serious chips, but to include a badge feature can be looked at from two sides. Either players will be impressed by your supposed skill and presumed wealth or snicker when catching sight of your badge for purchasing such a feature.

However, these transactions are all about return on investment: will you play enough Zynga Poker to warrant the monthly fee? And besides, VIP status exists for those who thrive in the limelight (i.e. take on the scrutiny willingly). So, if you're one of those types and are lucky skilled at internet poker, then this looks like the program for you. Hey, at least Zynga's being up front about this one.

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