Vampire Wars gets fierce with Hyena Familiars, fancy with Wedding Avatar sets

Vampire Wars Hyena Familiars
Vampire Wars Hyena Familiars

While the lot of you blood suckers were gallivanting around Paris, Zynga updated Vampire Wars with brand new familiars and avatar sets. Firstly, the new Hyena familiars go for quite a lot of Favor Points each, which isn't helped by the fact that you must buy them in succession to have all three.

  • Zombie Hyena: Costs 40 Favor Points, grants 25 maximum Energy

  • Spotted Hyena: Cost Unknown*, grants 40 Energy

  • Fire Hyena: Cost Unknown*, grants 55 Energy

*Because the Spotted and Fire Hyenas are locked for purchase until the Zombie Hyena is paid for, it's unknown what these two familiars will cost. But if past pricing on familiars is any indication, expect the Spotted and Fire Hyenas to cost around 60 and 80 Favor Points respectively. For 180 Favor Points, or about $25, these three Hyenas and an extra 120 Energy can be yours, but how do they stack up to the Wedding Avatar sets?

Check behind the cut for a closer look at the Avatar sets and which set of items is a better deal.