What Teachers Wish Obama Knew About the Education System


The 2010 "Education Nation" summit took place this past week in New York City. It's goal? To discuss ways to improve a national education system that has fallen far behind that of other nations.

Earlier this week, President Obama made an appearance on the Today Show saying, "Historically, when we first set up the public school systems across the country, we were leaps and bounds ahead of the vast majority of countries around the world. That just is not true anymore. They have caught up and, in some cases, they're surpassing us, especially in math and science. It happened over decades. There are a lot of contributing factors. But part of the challenge, I think, for the entire country is to understand that how well we do economically, whether jobs are created here -- high-end jobs to support families and support the future of the American people -- is going to depend on whether or not we can do something about these schools."

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