Restaurant City holds a Boo-Licious Cook-Off Contest

Want to win 500 Playfish Cash and show your Halloween spooky spirit at the same time? Restaurant City is holding a Boo-Licious Cook-Off contest that encourages you to design an "ultimate Halloween themed recipe" for the game. Two lucky winners will earn 500 Playfish Cash and have their recipe show up in the game! Neat isn't it?

All you need to do, is draw or cook and take a photo of your spooky Halloween recipe. It can be a drink, appetizer, main dish, or dessert - it doesn't matter as long as it's Halloween themed. There are two categories, one for Drink and one for Food. Your recipe has to use ingredients that are already in the game, and then you have to fill out the entry form and post them in the Halloween contest forum.

You only have until Sunday, October 10th to submit your recipe so that they have time to choose winners and then make the recipe show up in the game. 500 Playfish Cash is a lot of money, so you should probably start brainstorming for creative ways to use the Restaurant City ingredients to make fun and unique Halloween treats!

[via Official Restaurant City forums]
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