PetVille's flaming Baby Phoenix stealthily introduced for e-mail subscribers

PetVille Baby Phoenix
According to a member of the PetVille forums, Isabella Boo, her son received a Baby Phoenix Egg in an e-mail from Zynga. Another forum-goer simply known as Highly has posted images of her very own glowing Baby Phoenix as it soars around her room and back into its egg. Several other forum members have confirmed that the e-mail is legitimate, but some are having trouble receiving the adorable, winged fireball in PetVille. This pet is an exclusive reward for signing up to receive e-mail updates from PetVille and has not been officially announced.

Details such as hatching time or whether this blazing baby bird will reach adulthood are scarce, but stay glued to your e-mail over the next few weeks to see when you receive yours. If you haven't yet signed up for e-mail updates from PetVille, just head over to the Zynga account page for PetVille and sign yourself up.

This item addition is very similar to Zynga's recent introduction of the Treehouse to FrontierVille players who subscribe for e-mail updates. It's unfortunate that these items--which are usually far cooler than most accessible items-- are available for e-mail subscribers only as there must be a good amount of players who simply aren't comfortable sharing their e-mail address in fear of spam or account compromise. Hopefully in the future this item is added into the game as part of a contest or at least for Pet Cash or coins. Sadly, when it comes to exclusivity, this is the name of the game.

[Image Credit: Isabella Boo]

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