Meet Lisa Kaplan Gordon, our As Seen on TV reviewer

You get to see Lisa Kaplan Gordon in As Seen on TV review videos on WalletPop's Consumer Ally section every week, but thanks to the folks at the McLean Ear in Virginia, you can learn a bit more about Lisa.

Millions of folks have had a chance to watch her reviews and make better informed decisions about whether to spend the money on these products.

This week she told us that BarkOff was all bark and, well, nothing else. In other words, save your money.

But not every As Seen on TV product is such a clunker. In fact, BarkOff was the lowest scoring product since Lisa started reviewing them for us. There are plenty that she has found to be worthwhile.

The last animal-related product she reviewed, the Furminator, she liked a lot.

By showing you how the products actually work -- outside of an infomercial -- it is a bit easier to decide whether the gizmo you saw on late night TV should be invited into your house.

Plus, she's no TV talking head. She's real.

"I love working with Lisa," said Ken Shadford, who produces the videos. "She's a natural in front of the camera and a blast to work with."

Check out this compilation of some of her reviews from earlier this year or find all of them here.

We're proud to have Lisa with us to help consumers make better informed decisions about these products.
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