Mafia Wars Multi-Gifting feature enters beta testing today, crashes and bugs ensue

Mafia Wars
Mafia Wars

The Zynga development team for Mafia Wars announced on the forums today that Multi-Gifting has entered beta testing for a select few players. These few randomly chosen Mafia Wars fans will find a slightly different gifting interface when they click on the "Gifting" tab on their home page.

As of now, the development team is using a few online guinea pigs to test the known bugs with the feature including game or page crashes and buttons that will not work, which the team has narrowed down to, "Facebook friends that have non-supported characters in their name may not have a working multi-gifter."

It's possible to opt yourself out of the beta test if you like by following the instructions in the feature's forum thread. However, the more people that opt out of this test, the longer it might take to get this feature ready for Mafia Wars' millions of fans. Then again, maybe Zynga should allow the players to sign up for these beta tests themselves. You know, just like what almost every online game developer does?

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