FishVille: Galapagos items have arrived

FishVille Galapagos
FishVille Galapagos

We told you that this theme was coming, and now the first items in the new Galapagos theme in FishVille have arrived in the FishVille store. Nine new items are available, and we're sure this is just the beginning of another massive fishy theme in this popular aquarium title. Here is the full list of available items:

Sea Lion - 15 Sand Dollars, 6.1 days left
HMS Beagle - Buildable, 2 Sand Dollars
Bubbling Lava - 9 Sand Dolars
Igneous Rocks - 25,000 coins
Butterfly Jar - 30,000 coins
Lava Cactus - 8 Sand Dollars
Passion Flower - 4 Sand Dollars