FIFA Superstars brings in a Sports Psychologist to boost team morale

Sports Psychologist
EA Sports and Playfish have updated their game, FIFA Superstars, pretty extensively in the past few weeks with the launch of FIFA 11and the new Sports Psychologist feature is no exception. Buying this item for 9 Playfish Cash, or about $2 USD, will boost your team rating directly by about eight points for 24 hours.

Unlike those sluggish training coaches, this PhD--that's Dr. Jones to you--will boost your team rating without any training time at all through the power of... couch therapy? For just $2, this isn't that bad of a deal; just be sure that you'll be playing a lot during that 24 hours to make the best of your team's time with of Ms.--err, I mean--Dr. Jones. Then again, for more patient folk, keeping your team in tip top shape training should be more than enough to continue dominating the field. She's only here for another five days, so make a decision quick if you want to reap the benefits of the Sports Psychologist's expertise.

Will you be hiring Dr. Jones to boost your team morale? Do you think this is a good deal for $2? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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