Celebrity Realtors: Selling With Star Power


Every little edge helps in today's real estate market especially if it's putting your home up for sale in front of millions on television. That's the advantage for newly minted real estate celebs like "Million Dollar Listing" star Chad Rogers (left) and "Selling New York" stars Sabrina Kleier Morgenstern and Maggie Kent.

"I've been very fortunate that TV has been good to me," says the Beverly Hills-based Rogers. In fact, he's built a mini-media empire around his fame with a blog, regular contributions to In Touch magazine, a catchphrase ("Talk is cheap") and even Chad Rogers merchandise. And all that media means more attention to his listings.

"I feel fortunate for not being coined a reality star, I've always been represented as a celeb real estate expert," he says, a distinction that he feels has helped rather than hurt his credibility.

But how do the clients feel about the exposure?