Delta Sky Magazine rejects ad telling passengers how to avoid baggage fees

Carry-on baggage fees are one of the most outrageous fees that traveler's get hit with these days. It's no surprise then that a number of work-arounds to this fee have been developed, including shipping your luggage or wearing your carry-on in the form of a ScotteVest jacket.

Speaking of the ScotteVest, when you sell a product aimed at travelers, one of the best places to advertise is through the airline's in-air magazine. But when ScotteVest tried to place a full page ad about, "The Most Stylish Way to Beat the System" that helps wearers "Avoid Extra Baggage Fees," the Delta Sky Magazine rejected the ad.

The rejection came as a surprise to ScotteVest CEO Scott Jordan, since the clothing company has been featured in Delta Sky Magazine, SkyMall and other airline publications in the past. Watch Jordan's video response to the rejection:

In the end, it may not be that surprising that Delta doesn't want an ad in the Sky magazine that helps customers avoid baggage fees since these fees are a booming business for airlines, which collected $769 million in baggage fees in the first quarter of 2010 according to the New York Times.

In an e-mail to WalletPop, Jordan provided the following response to the rejection, "Frankly, if they object to the 'avoid the baggage fees' line, they need to stop charging baggage fees. I don't think we should change it. We have agreed to remove 'beat the system,' but will not change the sub-heading. The fact that airlines charge baggage fees is just that: A fact. We just help make it less painful."

We looked at the ScotteVest clothing line in January and found it to be a great way to avoid baggage fees as well as an aid to breeze through TSA security checkpoints without emptying your pockets. The vests are designed to hold all kinds of gadgets and travel items -- and are in use by Rolf Potts, who is traveling around the world without any baggage.

For a closer look at what you can fit into a ScotteVest, take a look at what I carried in my vest while covering the Consumer Electronics Show last January.

Perhaps ScotteVest should consider flying Southwest, since bags fly free.
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