10 Most Haunted Cities in America Revealed

For those looking for a haunted good time this Halloween, Rent.com has named Savannah in the No. 1 spot on its list of America's Top 10 Most Haunted Cities.

Rent.com says it compiled its list based on research, and that "The cities chosen for this list each boast a high number of spooky or Halloween-related attractions."

Yes, the the website's goal is to attract those looking for rental housing. But apparently, where ghosts hang out renters follow.

Savannah, Rent.com notes, was also named "America's Most Haunted City" in 2002 by the American Institute of Parapsychology. The Georgia city played a role in the Revolutionary War and Civil War and also is where the creepy bestseller "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" was based, Rent.com notes.

Second on the rental site's Most Haunted list is Gettysburg, where a Civil War battle resulted in 51,000 American casualties and where the ghost of Confederate General Robert E. Lee is said to be among the apparitions spotted.

And third place goes to Salem, Massachusetts, home to the famous witch trials, nicknamed "Witch City, USA," and scene of a major annual Halloween celebration.

Also on the list are New Orleans (cited for its voodoo magic), San Antonio (home to haunted events including at the Alamo) and St, Augustine, Florida (the nation's oldest and longest-haunted city).

Rounding out the Top 10 are Charleston, South Carolina (ghost stories influenced by West African culture), Chicago (ghosts may include Prohibition era gangsters), San Francisco (ghost sightings in Chinatown and Acatraz), and Portland, Oregon (home to the ghostly Shanghai Tunnels).

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