What it's like to work at Carrabba's Italian Grill -- an insider's account


(Editor's note: The following story is an account by a former Carrabba's employee who no longer has ties to the company. One WalletPop editor who recently dined at a Michigan location of this national chain will attest to the veracity of this insider glimpse, given the exceptional experience he and his family had there.)

Can you imagine throwing out four or five pieces of lasagna cooked just a few hours ago? Can you imagine doing it every single day? How about having to work in a kitchen at 8 a.m. every morning for a restaurant that's only open for dinner?

I went through all of these different scenarios and more during the five years I worked for Carrabba's Italian Grill as a manager. There, I learned more about food and the commitment to excellence than I did at any other point in my nearly 20 years in the restaurant business.