Treasure Isle donates to Gulf Coast Recovery in Otters

Treasure Isle Help Gulf Coast Sea Otter
Treasure Isle Limited Edition Sea Otter
Zynga has teamed up with the National Audubon Society to launch a new effort to save the Gulf Coast. The last time both organizations formed this partnership was with Charity Pets in YoVille. Now a very similar campaign is being held as "Coastal Critters" in Treasure Isle.

This means that for the next 8 days, there will be a Limited Edition Sea Otter in the Animals section of the Treasure Isle store. This Sea Otter differs from the one shown in the game's news page. Instead of a baby otter snuggling on its parent's belly, the one at the store sports a pink sea shell.

Nevertheless, Zynga has pledged that all money coming from the sale of this otter will belong to Audubon. Each otter costs 40 Island Cash, or the rough equivalent of $8.00 USD (since the game is currently having a 10% discount).
Treasure Isle Coastal Critters
Update: Treasure Isle's pledge amount drops from 100% to 50% on the game's official Facebook fanpage, while the Island Cash discount jumps from 10% to 30% off in-game. Shortly after, Zynga keeps the discount, but retracts the pledge drop.
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