Treasure Isle does a flip-flop on its Audubon pledge to the Gulf

Treasure Isle changes Audubon pledge to 50%
About two hours after Zynga announced their Coastal Critters donation campaign for the National Audubon Society in Treasure Isle, an announcement to the wall of the game's official Facebook fanpage came up that angered some fans. This is because the original announcement -- and there's proof of it in all the campaign artwork -- said that Zynga was going to donate 100% to Audubon, but the Facebook notice says they're only going to donate 50%!
Treasure Isle Island Cash 30% discount
Moreover, Zynga has increased their discount of Island Cash from 10% to 30%, and while the cost of the Coastal Critter Sea Otter remains at 40 Island Cash, its real world cost has dropped to about $6.00 USD. Lowering the actual value of Island Cash, while maintaining the virtual price would certainly encourage more people to donate. Did Zynga realize that their Coastal Critters idea was going to be a hit and wanted in on the proceeds?
Treasure Isle emphasizes their pledge of 100% again
Zynga has since deleted the initial post on Facebook, and put up a new one emphasizing to folks that they're behind their 100% giveaway, all the way! Not that it's going to stop people from complaining on whether this was a deliberate whoopsie on their part, but if you were confused about how much Zynga actually planned on donating, you now know the score.
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