Signs You Travel Too Much

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Do you travel too much? I know I do. I make a living traveling the world and writing about it. I love what I do and I never get sick of it, but there are times when I do something and think, "Hmm, maybe I travel too much." Here are some surefire signs that you too might travel too much. If you see these symptoms in yourself or a friend, it's time for an intervention. Or maybe it's just time to jump on a plane.

You refer to cities by their airport code.
This is a classic sign that you travel too much. My non-traveling friends often stop me and ask, "What does YYZ mean?" (For the record, that's Toronto.)

Travel Hiking

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You start all your stories with "When I was in..."
I've noticed that whenever I talk to people, I sometimes only talk about events and activities that happen while I was traveling. Bringing up your travels all the time is a big symptom of travelitis. It's also a sign you need a hobby.

Anthony Bourdain

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You only TiVo the Travel Channel.
The Event? What event? Bones? We all have bones. If the only plots you can follow are from Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern, you travel too much.

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You have more than one currency in your wallet, just in case.
I accumulate currencies like other people accumulate spare change. In fact, I have Euros, Swedish krona, Indonesian rupiah, and maybe some U.S. dollars in my wallet right now. When foreign currency outnumbers the local currency in your wallet, you know you travel too much.

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You spend all day reading travel blogs.
When you aren't traveling, all you can think about is traveling. Like a drug addict, you need your fix. Travel blogs provide a great escape. You may not be on the road, but at least you can read about people who are.


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When you think of prices, you value things in terms of your next destination.
Travel addicts know that everything they buy means less money they can use on their next trip. The main symptom is when you look at stuff in a store and think, "Well, I could splurge on this, but I'd lose three days in Europe."

hotel room

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You don't have a permanent address.
I'm a professional nomad. I don't have an address. When I have to write down an address anywhere in the world, I actually don't know what to do. Because I have no home.

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Megastores freak you out.
When you're traveling a lot, you don't do much in the way of shopping. When I returned home I was freaked by all of the choices in "big box" stores. The cereal aisle was completely overwhelming. On the road, you don't get this type of choice.

Travel Backpacking

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Everything you own fits into one pack.
Like Ryan Bingham from Up in the Air, you fly a lot and it's hard to carry around a lot of stuff. The sign of a true traveler is when you can easily pack all of your things into one bag.

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