New Travel Website Tells Only Good Stuff

A new website, Trip Elated, is promoting happy travel. So much so, that it says it won't run any negative travel reviews.

Geared towards British travelers, Trip Elated is positioning itself as the antithesis of sites like TripAdvisor, where people "tell it like it is" in terms of their travel experiences.

"We know you're an optimistic bunch, and don't want to hear about doom and gloom. You want upbeat travel news and good holiday reviews," Trip Elated tells readers on its homepage.

Citizen reviewers are asked to write in and "spread a little sunshine."

Travelers "are tired of trawling through a constant array of conflicting information and bad experiences," Trip Elated's Amanda Brown tells the Daily Mail newspaper. "There is no room on our site for those looking to complain, criticize or moan about their bad experiences."

Mail reviewer Fred Mawer gives the site itself a negative review, however, saying he "can't think of a single good thing to say about Trip Elated ." He calls the site's content, "gushing and unhelpful waffle."
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