Mafia Wars Chop Shop and Weapons Depot Levels 11-15: Everything you need to know

Mafia Wars Weapons Depot and Chop Shop Update
If you're bored of your brand new Armory already, Zynga has updated your other two item-generating properties in Mafia Wars: the Chop Shop and Weapons Depot. These two buildings can now be upgraded up to Level 15, unlocking new items to create daily.

However, these new items will also cost you new parts, Special Parts, which can only be found through the gifting system. Thankfully in this case, gifting a Special Part also creates one for yourself. Each level from 11 to 15 has a new item to create, so without further ado, jump behind the cut for a look at what new items you can build.
Dirty TrickHack BladeElectric ProdStun KnucklesWasper Knife

Before we spill the beans on what you'll find in this little update, you're going to need to know what's required for the upgrades. All you'll need are the standard building materials for each structure in increased quantities:

Chop Shop:

  • Level 11: 70 parts (14 each), Collects 65 Car Parts daily
  • Level 12: 75 Parts (15 each), Collects 75 Car Parts daily
  • Level 13: 75 Parts (15 each), Collects 85 Car Parts daily
  • Level 14: 75 Parts (15 each), Collects 95 Car Parts daily
  • Level 15: 75 Parts (15 each), Collects 105 Car Parts daily

Weapons Depot:

  • Level 11: 75 parts (15 each), Collects 33 weapon parts daily
  • Level 12: 75 parts (15 each), Collects 36 weapon parts daily
  • Level 13: 75 parts (15 each), Collects 39 weapon parts daily
  • Level 14: 75 parts (15 each), Collects 42 weapon parts daily
  • Level 15: 75 parts (15 each), Collects 45 weapon parts daily

Extended Cab 640Hunter Spy XSMugati SportSportsterDay Rider

Now that you're aware of the immense cost of these next four levels, how about that good old carrot on a stick? Here's what you'll be looking forward to with each level completed, but remember that most of these items require Special Parts:

Chop Shop:

  • Level 11: Mugati Sport: 35 Attack, 51 Defense, Costs 135 Car Parts, 1 High Tech Car Part (+3 to Attack)*
  • Level 12: Hunter Spy XS: 52 Attack, 29 Defense, Costs 155 Car Parts, 2 High Tech Car Parts (+3 to Defense)
  • Level 13: Day Rider 2K: 45 Attack, 50 Defense, Costs 175 Car Parts, 1 Suspension Coil (+1 to Attack/Defense)
  • Level 14: Sportster: 52 Attack, 46 Defense, Costs 185 Car Parts, 10 Special Parts (+3 to Energy/Stamina)
  • Level 15: Extended Cab 640: 53 Attack, 55 Defense, Costs 200 Car Parts, 15 Special Parts (+3 Skill Points)

Weapons Depot:

  • Level 11: Dirty Trick: 45 Attack, 49 Defense, Costs 110 Weapon Parts, 3 Special Parts (+5 Health, +2 Stamina)
  • Level 12: Electric Prod: 50 Attack, 50 Defense, Costs 115 Weapon Parts, 6 Special Parts (+5 Health, +2 Energy)
  • Level 13: Hack Blade: 45 Attack, 51 Defense, Costs 120 Weapon Parts, 9 Special Parts (+6 Defense)
  • Level 14: Stun Knuckles: 52 Attack, 48 Defense, Costs 125 Weapon Parts, 12 Special Parts (+6 Attack)
  • Level 15: Wasper Knife: 51 Attack, 51 Defense, Costs 130 Weapon Parts, 15 Special Parts (+4 Skill Points)

*If the stats look pretty lame to you on these weapons, that's because they are. The idea behind these is not to create the very best weapon at Level 15, but to get the best permanent stat increase. Because you can create these items over and over again for those bonuses, the items themselves are pretty pitiful. Also, Zynga got a little clever and added cheap, but funny puns on existing cars in pop culture (hint: What's the opposite of a Day Rider?).

Also, choose wisely what you build from Level 11 forward as you can only build one item from each for free daily. Creations after that will cost you Reward Points, but who would want to do that?

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