Mafia Wars Cafe World Promotion sends you back to the kitchen

Mafia Wars Cafe World Promo
Mafia Wars Cafe World Promo

Zynga is having a ball with cross promotions recently and its most recent project is for Mafia Wars and Cafe World players. This time around, gaining a level in Cafe World will win you a Kitchen Knife in Mafia Wars with 57 Attack and 27 Defense. However, your online chef will have to be above Level 10 before a level gain will count towards the Kitchen Knife.

To start the promotion, just click the knife icon to the left of the Live Updates icon in Mafia Wars and a pop-up will appear that will take you to Cafe World. Then all you need to do is start playing until you reach Level 11 or higher. When looking at the stats on this item, it's clear that this is meant for somewhat new Mafia Wars and Cafe World players, but by all means go for it if you're the collector type. I would have much rather preferred an electric carving knife (it would at least have more Attack power).

[Via Mafia Wars Maniac]

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