Happy Pets Experience Idol returns to burn your wallets

Happy Pets Experience Idol
Happy Pets Experience Idol

CrowStar has brought back the one item that garnered a heated debate in their forums this Spring, along with a nice chunk of money, the Experience Idol in Happy Pets. For 398 Facebook Credits, or nearly $40 USD (it was originally $50), this item will permanently double the experience you earn forever.

But is it worth more than most Nintendo DS games? Can you even quantify something like this in terms of what it's worth next to something else? That's quite a lot of money to put up for something intangible, but if the return on investment is high enough, perhaps it is worth it.

This debate isn't new, however. Some of you may remember when Blizzard, creator of World of WarCraft, released an item in their MMO for $25, the Celestial Steed. As the wait for the item reached a queue of epic proportions, writers, forum-goers and players everywhere cried foul at the developer for asking so much.

When it comes down to it, an item whether it be tangible or digital is only worth what folks like you and I would pay. If Happy Pets players are going to pay $40 or a considerable boost in their favorite game, than CrowStar is going to ask for it if not more. Debating whether something is worth a certain amount of money or time on an objective level when the issue at hand is individual, subjective is just silly. No one can tell you whether a $40 experience boost is worth the money but yourself, just be sure that if do buy the idol, you'll be playing Happy Pets for a long time.

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