Big recall day for Fisher-Price: More than 11 million toys, children's products

Fisher-Price recalls more than 10 million products.Mattel's Fisher-Price, a dominant brand for the under-5 set, announced an unprecedented four recalls today -- totaling more than 11 million toys and children's products sold since the 1990s -- following a variety of injuries, mishaps and safety concerns.

The products include trikes, high chairs, toys with inflatable balls and another recall from the company's Little People line.

Injuries to children led to the recalls of trikes and high chairs. The most serious injuries involved small girls who rode the trikes and had genital bleeding from colliding with a protruding plastic key. The high chair injuries were cuts and scrapes from parts intended for tray storage.

The CPSC's spokesman told Consumer Ally that the group of recalls was announced together intentionally.

"We worked with Fisher-Price to make a group announcement so that parents would hear the news one time and be able to visit our website one time to respond to all of these recalls," spokesman Scott Wolfson said.

Before today's spate of recalls, Fisher-Price products have been recalled 16 times in the past five years, a Consumer Ally review of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission records found.

Last year, Fisher-Price agreed to pay a $2.3 million penalty for violating the federal government's ban on lead paint, at the time the largest ever penalty from the CPSC involving a product it regulates. Two years earlier, the company paid nearly $1 million for failing to report more than 30 incidents involving one of its Little People toys.

Companies are required to report to the CPSC when they observe a defect that could cause injury or harm or receive reports from consumers that raise safety issues.

"We want to reassure parents that our products are overwhelmingly safe," Fisher-Price said in a statement sent to Consumer Ally by company spokeswoman Juliette Reashor. "We operate in a highly regulated industry and we test our products at many stages during development and production.

"Our product engineers have many years of experience in designing safe toys. In addition, we monitor parents' safety-related reports over time. If we see an issue with a product at any point, even after many have been sold and used safely, we take appropriate action. Our actions reflect our continuing commitment to the safety of our products. Hundreds of millions of our products are used safely every day and we believe these simple fixes will continue that excellent record. "

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